Software Enabling Business

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Software Acquisition

Too often software acquisitions are undertaken without enough information on either side of the relationship to ensure successful outcomes that meet the needs of your business. We apply structured, internationally recognised processes framed against recognised service management frameworks to assess vendor software offers for your organisation. We help you find an assessment framework that suits your requirements, such as the ISO/IEC 25000 SQuaRE standards series, and perform transparent assessments of software acquisitions that will engage key stakeholders across all your teams, and across the sales and technical teams within your vendors, planning for the whole software lifecycle from conception to decommissioning. Our guidance helps build productive customer-supplier relationships from the beginning of the acquisition process and reduces the risk of project failure. Contact us to find out more.

New Product Design

New products that are delivered using software are prone to failure without the right expertise. We have delivered greenfield products in the finance, media, manufacturing and biotech sectors. We work from the beginning with intellectual property holders to plan and execute budgets, features, and delivery of new products.

Crucially we do this by innovating your software product offering, considering customer engagement and techniques to make your software sell your product in ways that you may not have considered. Contact us to find out more.

Software Lifecycle Management

Maintaining legacy systems can be difficult and expensive. We can help you understand the systems from the point of view of business assets, liabilities and risk, and put in place processes to help maintain these systems and keep them alive. We can help integrate existing software into new business processes internally and with partners to generate new revenue.

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